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SourceFedNERD is where we get our nerd on! 
Join Sam Bashor, Whitney Moore, and Filup Molina as they deliver 'Nerd News Daily', all the stories and trending headlines every Monday - Friday!

This is what you NEED to NERD!

Talk to us on twitter @SourceFedNERD
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2016-10-16 17:00:33 Fantastic Girls! Fantastic Bloopers! 42238
2016-10-15 17:00:04 Wenches Get Stenches - SorcererFed Part 1 40098
2016-10-14 23:30:01 Fantastic Beasts Expanded into 5 MOVIES?! 47120
2016-10-14 21:05:20 Superhero Roundup Returns!? Superman VS Kid Flash - Who Won the Week? 31487
2016-10-14 15:00:23 SourceFed Plays Codenames: Ultimatum 23367
2016-10-14 01:07:47 Nerds Watch AMITYVILLE HORROR Live! #SpookyFedNERD 25504
2016-10-14 00:01:26 Rogue One Trailer #2 - Did They Reveal Too Much?! 25226
2016-10-13 20:39:30 Arrow Season 5 Episode 2: WHAT YOU MISSED! - Recruits Easter Eggs 19233
2016-10-13 15:00:28 10 Luke Cage Easter Eggs You Probably Missed! 26521
2016-10-13 01:49:37 Miley Cyrus HATES Supergirl! 71062
2016-10-12 20:46:52 The Flash Season 3 Episode 2: WHAT YOU MISSED! - Paradox Easter Eggs 33838
2016-10-11 23:36:01 Overwatch Leaks REVEALED! 33730
2016-10-11 21:40:41 Supergirl Season 2 Episode 1: WHAT YOU MISSED! - Superman Easter Eggs 35173
2016-10-10 23:00:16 Defenders Sigourney Weaver VILLAIN Announcement! (PLUS NYCC NEWS!) 35077
2016-10-09 17:00:20 Trapped in an Insane Asylum! Nerds React to VR Horror Movies! 44035
2016-10-08 17:00:02 SorcererFed! SourceFedNERD Tabletop RPG is BACK! 51934
2016-10-08 01:01:01 Luke Cage Season One Review VS Justice League BTS Footage! #bestthingpodcast 29044
2016-10-07 23:30:54 Black Mirror Season 3 Trailer Breakdown! (& Netflix Black Mirror Predictions!) 14772
2016-10-07 15:00:53 Supergirl Season 2: ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW (Season 1 Recap & Review) 82251
2016-10-07 00:23:56 Logan Movie - Everything We Know / Patrick Stewart Revealed! 49126
2016-10-06 15:00:57 Best Indie Games of Fantastic Fest 2016! 26049
2016-10-06 01:13:47 The Live Action Mulan is Coming in 2018! 33589
2016-10-05 18:07:18 The Flash Season 3 Episode 1: WHAT YOU MISSED! - Flashpoint Easter Eggs 65761
2016-10-05 01:59:57 Google Pixel Phone - iPhone Killer?! 131230
2016-10-03 22:39:10 Is HBO’s Westworld the Next Game of Thrones? 51692
2016-10-02 19:00:40 Titter Talk 2016 on Bloopers! 48751
2016-10-02 15:00:52 SourceFed Plays Codenames: Supremacy 46417
2016-10-01 02:00:45 Sexy Turtles VS Murder Mermaids VS Ugandan Chuck Fu! #bestthingpodcast 43816
2016-09-29 01:58:32 The Lion King “Live Action” Remake? EVERYTHING WE KNOW about Jon Favreau’s Reboot! 11475
2016-09-28 02:17:40 Elon Musk and SpaceX Will Colonize Mars!? 35685
2016-09-26 23:45:00 Flash Season 3 Trailer Reaction! (And Netflix/ABC Marvel Crossover?) 44331
2016-09-25 17:00:43 Spit-Takes/Out-Takes on Nerd Bloopers! 46576
2016-09-24 17:00:31 Million Dollars But... SourceFed Plays with Barbara Dunkelman! 74785
2016-09-24 01:22:18 South Park Season 20 Internet Trolls? - #bestthingpodcast 34240
2016-09-23 23:15:01 Overwatch Porn Parody... Because the Internet?! 74140
2016-09-22 21:41:36 Ghost In The Shell (2017) Trailers - Cool or Clueless? 45899
2016-09-22 15:00:24 Who is Ghost Rider? (Robbie Reyes) 41975
2016-09-21 23:10:40 Ghost Rider Makes Agents of SHIELD the BEST Superhero Show? 65350
2016-09-21 15:00:00 Who Would Win in a Fight? 75323
2016-09-20 23:55:02 Passengers Trailer Reaction & References! 47241
2016-09-19 22:30:36 EMMYS 2016: What Shows They Missed! 36167
2016-09-18 17:00:01 The Perfect Burp on Bloopers! 74104
2016-09-17 17:00:08 Dinosaur V Carny... SourceFed Plays Superfight! Pt. 2 42661
2016-09-08 03:02:59 Apple iPhone 7 Release and Specs - Apple Keynote 2016 50480
2016-09-07 00:06:57 Spider-Man Homecoming Set Photos CONFIRM New Villain! 54084
2016-09-05 17:00:21 Don’t Breathe: The Best Horror Movie of 2016?! #BestThingPodcast 28130
2016-09-04 17:00:06 SMAUDE Confirmed on Bloopers! 130672
2016-09-03 17:00:03 SourceFed Plays Mad Gab - The New Class! 87046
2016-09-03 00:10:23 All-New Samsung Note 7s RECALLED! They Explode! 84370
2016-09-02 00:45:19 Major Star Wars Characters Returning in Episode 8? 61490
2016-09-01 15:00:55 Luke Cage - Origins 38894
2016-08-31 23:30:00 Stranger Things: What to Expect in Season 2! 52066
2016-08-30 23:45:02 Obi-Wan Kenobi Solo Movie?! YES PLEASE! 70625
2016-08-29 21:40:43 Deathstroke Confirmed for Batman Solo Movie?! 67939
2016-08-28 17:00:05 There Will Be Finger Guns… on Nerd Bloopers 78946
2016-08-27 17:00:05 Maude's Too Cool on SourceFed Animated! 125141
2016-08-27 00:32:26 DC RUMORS: The Flash's Movie Villains LEAKED?! 61772
2016-08-26 15:00:46 Harry Potter Clue | SourceFedPLAYS! 88425
2016-08-25 23:35:42 BREAKING NEWS: Batman AND/OR Possibly Captain America Stole Beer! 52280
2016-08-25 15:00:54 What is the Legion of Doom? - Superhero 101 37569
2016-08-25 05:36:43 SOURCEFEDNERD’S ONE MILLION SUBSCRIBER LIVESTREAM! #1MillionNerds 269851
2016-08-25 05:02:20 PART 2: SOURCEFEDNERD’S ONE MILLION SUBSCRIBER LIVESTREAM! #1MillionNerds 128278
2016-08-23 23:30:01 Better Pokemon Go Made By Fan! 123076
2016-08-22 21:54:55 INTERNET REACTS: Zendaya Cast as Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man Homecoming?! 77231
2016-08-21 17:00:00 Cut The Bit - It's Bloopers! 84319
2016-08-20 17:00:12 Red Flags: Fifth Time's the Charm - SourceFed Plays! 66855
2016-08-19 22:37:31 Our Favorite Moments of SOURCEFEDNERD! #1MillionNerds Entertainment 102182 8373 51
2016-08-18 23:00:00 THIS ACTOR WON'T RETURN TO MARVEL AGAIN! News & Politics 175842 8054 191
2016-08-18 15:00:01 The Star Wars Rogue One Trailer is the BEST THING I SAW ALL WEEK! Entertainment 46382 179 11
2016-08-17 23:45:57 Pokemon GO Players Attacked by Laser-Wielding, Sex-Crazed Pig People! News & Politics 83938 3019 44
2016-08-16 21:48:22 HALF LIFE: 3 AT GAMESCOM?! News & Politics 76468 1360 236
2016-08-15 23:38:15 Are the Fantastic Beasts Actually Fantastic?! News & Politics 60023 2776 29
2016-08-14 17:00:43 Up in Those Guts on Bloopers! News & Politics 75169 3214 13
2016-08-13 17:00:56 Pornstar Snakes and SourceFed D&D on SourceFed Animated! News & Politics 121697 5703 42
2016-08-12 23:48:13 Who Will Play Lando Calrissian in the Han Solo Movie? News & Politics 56984 2493 82
2016-08-12 15:00:13 Drunk Stoned or Stupid! - SourceFed Plays News & Politics 180330 5306 94
2016-08-11 23:07:14 Pokemon GO Accounts Worth ONE MILLION DOLLARS?! News & Politics 77517 3367 104
2016-08-11 15:00:53 Who is Captain Marvel? (Carol Danvers) News & Politics 52920 2721 32
2016-08-10 23:30:49 Are Gaming Conventions DYING?! News & Politics 58629 3014 74
2016-08-10 00:18:13 Fan Sues Warner Bros Over Suicide Squad LIES! Entertainment 168056 5013 410
2016-08-08 23:19:54 Jared Leto PISSED Over Suicide Squad?! News & Politics 560890 8296 1424
2016-08-07 17:00:05 Hard Core Rejection on Nerd Bloopers Entertainment 115380 4571 23
2016-08-06 17:00:01 SourceFed D&D S2E9&10 Animated! News & Politics 34506 1706 17
2016-08-05 23:41:17 Suicide Squad FULL MOVIE REVIEW! News & Politics 112666 2920 222
2016-08-05 15:00:11 SourceFed Plays Pie Face! News & Politics 86090 3944 64
2016-08-04 00:00:00 15 Things You May Not Know About The Legend Of Zelda! News & Politics 62013 2861 97
2016-08-04 00:00:00 TERMINATOR TECHNOLOGY IS REAL AND WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE! Entertainment 61955 2917 45
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