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2016-10-17 19:30:01 Virgin Bride Bashed Husband’s Head After Seeing His D**K?? Ft. David So 7824
2016-10-17 04:30:00 People Are Angry Over Disney’s Live Action ‘Mulan’ Ft. David So 98100
2016-10-17 01:30:00 There’s A New Twitter Challenge That Could Break Your Phone Ft. David So 121115
2016-10-16 22:30:00 Clown Slices Man’s Hand Down To The Bone Ft. David So 172031
2016-10-16 19:30:00 The Newest CoverGirl Is A CoverBoy! Ft. David So 141224
2016-10-16 04:30:01 Man's Brand New iPhone Had This Horrifying Woman's Photo On It 204290
2016-10-16 01:30:00 Yale Employee Lost Job After Smashing Racist Glass Panel ft. Nikki Limo 92403
2016-10-15 22:30:00 Man With Double Hand Transplant Wants Them Removed ft. David So 82117
2016-10-15 19:30:00 Wife Crushes Husband's Testicles! ft. David So 117989
2016-10-15 04:30:00 Are iPhone Users More Obnoxious Than Android Users? ft. David So 138474
2016-10-15 03:16:23 Life Hacks To Make Money!! ft. David So 115072
2016-10-15 01:30:01 Science Says Tiger Parents Create Expert Liars?! 107317
2016-10-14 22:30:00 11-Year-Old Genius Lets His College Classmates Know They Can 'Email Him' For Help ft. David So 148226
2016-10-14 19:30:01 7 Ways To Have A First Class Vacation! ft. David So 69854
2016-10-14 01:30:00 The 4 Categories of Couples!!!! Which One Are YOU?? ft. Mari Takahashi 118152
2016-10-11 04:30:00 Angry Dad Crushes Teen's Car For Fooling Around ft. David So 60658
2016-10-11 01:30:00 Hidden Mountain Tribe Mummified Ancestors Using Smoke! ft. Timothy DeLaGhetto 74919
2016-10-10 22:30:00 Chinese Woman Lays Smackdown On Ghetto Tourists! ft. Timothy DeLaGhetto 93968
2016-10-10 04:30:00 "O'Reilly Factor" Segment Called Out For Mocking Asian-Americans?! ft. David So 116264
2016-10-10 01:30:00 Tons Of Pit Bulls Are Going To Be Killed In Montreal!? ft. David So 101365
2016-10-09 22:30:02 Asians Are Mad About The New Bruce Lee Movie! ft. David So 158398
2016-10-09 19:30:01 Girl Hangs Roommate's Subtweets Up On Their Wall?? Ft. David So 112124
2016-10-09 04:30:01 Girl Bullies Bald Cancer Patient, Mom Shaves Her Head Ft. David So 179244
2016-10-09 01:30:01 Kim Kardashian Robbed At Gunpoint!! Ft. David So 184819
2016-10-08 19:30:00 Airlines Have A Brand New Fee 100508
2016-10-08 04:30:01 Man Gets Beaten For Raping Dogs! ft. Blogilates 142188
2016-10-08 01:30:00 Man Says Women Should Ditch The Ring ft. Blogilates 101197
2016-10-08 00:35:24 We're Gonna Be Livestreaming!!!! MUDDA FINALLY! 82038
2016-10-07 22:30:00 Take Action And Chase What You Love! ft. Timothy DeLaGhetto 79958
2016-10-07 19:30:00 Air Conditioning Is Making You Hotter!? 97995
2016-09-29 07:30:01 Woman Survives 38 HOURS In The Ocean After Falling Off Cruise! 2984
2016-09-29 04:30:00 Mom Teaches Daughter A Valuable Lesson With Toothpaste ft. Mari Takahashi 8239
2016-09-29 01:30:00 Teens Pretended To Be Pregnant With A Watermelon?! ft. Mari Takahashi 44903
2016-09-28 22:30:01 Ramen Is Displacing Tobacco As The Most Popular Prison Currency?! ft. Blogilates 67955
2016-09-28 19:30:01 Dad Lets Daughter Eat A Deer Heart! ft. Mari Takahashi 57703
2016-09-28 19:30:01 Mom Pimps Out Her 11-Year-Old Daughter For Drugs ft. David So 56066
2016-09-28 07:30:01 Homeless College Student Biked For 50 Miles To Get To Campus ft. David So 76033
2016-09-28 04:30:02 Man Scans His PENIS At The Grocery Store ft. David So 93787
2016-09-28 01:30:00 Man Must Give Cops 24 Hour Warning Before Having Sex! ft. David So 93178
2016-09-27 19:30:01 North Korea Would Be The Perfect Film Set? ft. Timothy DeLaGhetto 95630
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2016-09-07 22:30:00 Dad Recreates Daughter's Sexy Selfies ft. David So 93644
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2016-08-19 00:00:00 A Couple Is Jailed For TORTURING Their Children and Murdering The Youngest News & Politics 167880 5323 53
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